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Thank you Roland Orthodontics, RF PECK, Powers Archaeology, and Penfield Wegmans!

A big thank you to our newest Sponsors!

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Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Questions and Answers

Finding sponsors is a great way to expand the opportunities for your players without dipping into your own pockets.  You can use the letter below to describe the opportunity to employers and other businesses.  The sponsor creates good will for their business and your team benefits from the additional funds. 

Is there any limit to the amount of sponsorship money our team can raise?

The club makes no such restrictions.

What can we use the extra money for?

Just about anything that the team needs that is soccer related. Some teams have sent the entire team to a camp, paid for additional indoor practice time, purchased warmup gear for the team as well as tournament fees. 

What if I have questions?

Contact the club sponsor coordinator, Stacey Snyder, sponsorcoordinator@penfieldstrikers.org

Sponsor Request Submission

Use this form to submit your sponsor submission

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