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Q&A for Parents

Have you ever been frustrated because you cannot find what you are looking for on our website?  Do you have a question but you're not sure whom to ask or where to go for information?

What information can we provide for you that will make life a little easier? Rules clarification, player resources, program details, calendar of events....you name it and we can provide it, or we will do our best to accomodate your request. 

Simply send your question to: gladyouasked@penfieldstrikers.org   We will answer your question and post an answer on this site so other parents can learn from your question.

If you feel your question is confidential in nature, please indicate such when sending or simply send your question to our Strikers President, Chris Giunta at president@penfieldstrikers.org

Annual Payment

I registered and selected to pay offline, I would now like to go online and make a payment by credit card or pay pal, how do I do that? 

There is currently not a way to change a registration to enable a parent to pay online.  Once 'offline payment' the only option is to pay by check or to re-register your daughter.  If you desire to pay online and want to re-register, please send an email to registrar@penfieldstrikers.org and let us know your wishes.  We will first need to cancel the existing registration.

I missed the annual meeting, how do I make a payment.

A check made payable to Penfield Strikers can be mailed to:

     Penfield Strikers
     P.O. Box 12
     Penfield, NY 14526



As a new player this year, why do I have to pay $75 for a uniform for my daughter?  I thought this was included in the annual registration?

The Penfield Strikers purchase uniforms every two years.  Our annual budget is based on players returning each year and reusing the uniform.  In a non-uniform year returning players will pay only the registration fee.