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Penfield Strikers Travel Soccer

What is Penfield Strikers Travel Soccer?

Players who are interested in additional training, playing, and a more competitive focus, may be interested in our Travel Soccer Program.  

This program begins with tryouts in July. Indoor practice November through mid-April, and outdoor practice through July.  The game season for this program is May through July. Teams also participate in soccer tournaments. 

The commitment level and expectations for our Travel Soccer Program is higher than recreational soccer.  Our document below on Travel Soccer Commitment will help parents gain a better understanding for the program.


2023 Season Notes:

  • Our rates for 2023 are as follows:  $525 membership fee (not including $25 tryout registration). 
  • 2023 is a new uniform year. Uniforms are purchased every two (2) years as a separate fee. 
  • We are thrilled to announce that our partnership with Craig Demmin continues.  Craig has been a great asset to our club and our coaches have seen a tremendous increase in skills and capabilities of our players.  Craig will continue to work with players and teams both during our indoor training and outdoor practices.  
  • Indoor practices will be held at The Game Development Sports Complex in Fairport.  We again have the prime practice time on Saturday and Sunday.

If you questions about our program, please contact us via email.  Please include your daughter's name, date of birth, and prior experience.  Send your email to: president@penfieldstrikers.org


US Youth Soccer Implements Calendar Year Registration

The US Youth Soccer board voted to implement the “calendar year” registration to begin in the 2016-2017 season (1 August 2016).  All state associations and their members are required to make the change.  At the US Youth Soccer AGM in late July, a straw poll vote was taken for implementing the birth year registration in 2016-17 and the result was 91% in favor. 

The initiative will align registration with the international standard, while simultaneously providing clearer information on player birth dates to combat 'relative age effect'.

Relative age effect refers to the selection bias related to players that are more physically mature than their peers due to being born earlier in the year. U.S. Soccer seeks a balance of players that are born throughout the year so that all players, those born in the earlier months, and those born later have equal opportunity to grow and develop as soccer players.

The following provides age group based on year of birth (Jan 1-Dec 31 of birth year) for the 2023 Season. 

Birth Year Age Group
2015 U8 
2014 U9
2013 U10
2012 U11
2011 U12
2010 U13
2009 U14
2008 U15
2007 U16
2006 U17
2005 U18
2004 U19 


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